Tired of learning physics the hard way?
Try learning with music.

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Tired of learning physics the hard way?
Try learning with music.

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What is Qhord?

Qhord is a musical tool for exploring the amazing world of quantum physics. It focuses on a fundamental connection between music and quantum theory – in both worlds, everything is a wave. Mathematical patterns underpin the types of music most appealing to our ears in the same way we would talk about states at the heart of quantum theory. We are currently developing a mobile application to help people understand quantum physics through musical improvisation. Through this application, you'll be able to hear (and see) music transform into quantum physics.

About us


Quantum physics has been fundamental to the development of many technologies in our everyday lives. Quantum computers will soon demonstrate their superiority over conventional machines at certain tasks like modeling complex chemistry. Our goal, therefore, is to make the word “quantum” more accessible to physicists, coders, musicians, students and casual onlookers alike. Through this accessibility, people can interact meaningfully with new technologies. Learning about physics should be fun, anyhow, not boring. So, what better way to achieve this than through music?

Meet our team

Our Team

Qhord was founded by Aaron Grisez under the guidance of Dr. Justin Dressel at Chapman University. Our team, which also includes co-founders Ethan McDaniel and Michael Seaman, is composed of a variety of individuals, ranging from musicians to physicists. Above all, we're passionate individuals striving to make physics accessible to all.

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